Casey Development, INC. History

In a community that prides itself with individuality and quality, a developer has to provide the ability to integrate new projects within an on-going development. This requires an understanding of a myriad of issues from design changes to infrastructure.

Founded by Robert Casey Sr., and with more than 50 years of experience from residential, industrial, and commercial building within all the major communities of San Diego, Casey Development brings the know-how of a large developer now focused on smaller customized residential and industrial projects. Casey Development is a family run company in which the principals become directly involved in all aspects of the construction and development. This allows Casey Development to control costs, time, and assure a quality product.

With more than 50 years of development experience and always a “hands-on” approach to building brings with it other benefits, specifically:
Value Engineering Expertise
Project Management
Environmental/Mitigation Issues
Hydrology Issues
Stormwater Cleaning Issues
Sewer Capacity Issues
Road Capacity Issues
Personal relationships:
Permit Departments
Inspectors Relations
Engineering companies
Bonding and Insurance

The family’s roots in San Diego and in the building industry date back to 1893, with the founding of Merchants Bank of San Diego. Over the past 40 years, the Casey family has built over 6,000 single-family homes including townhouses, duplexes and apartments dwellings. The Casey family has also built strip malls, industrial parks and were contracted to promote the concept of a cross-border airport passenger terminal between San Diego and the Tijuana International Airport.

The most recent completed projects include the building of a new $12 million manufacturing plant for RCP, San Diego’s largest block/concrete manufacturer, a $7 million dollar residential infill project in Escondido, and a multi million dollar custom redevelopment of the CaseeyGerry Law offices in Bankers Hill.